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Use Your FLEX Plan for LASIK A Flexible Spending Account (Flex or FSA) or a Medical Savings Account (MSA) is a benefit that allows employees to deduct pre-tax money out of each paycheck to pay for medical expenses. Depending on your tax bracket, this fund can help you save hundreds of dollars toward 20/20 vision or better through LASIK. You can combine your Flex Plan dollars with our 0% LASIK financing options to make Great Plains Eye SpecialistsLASIK even more affordable for your budget. Flex Plans can be confusing. Contact your HR department to learn the details of your company’s plan, including registration and spending deadlines. Before enrolling in your plan, schedule a free LASIK Consultation to make sure your eyes are right for this procedure and find out how much LASIK will cost. For more information, fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your Flex Plan options.

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