Cataract Evaluation

Cataract Evaluation

A Cataract Evaluation at Great Plains Eye Specialistsinvolves several pain-free tests to determine your eye health. These cataract tests are very important to identify the presence, severity and position of any cataracts that may be affecting your vision.

  1. Your first appointment will take approximately 2 hours. Both eyes will be dilated for complete exams, retinal evaluations and other diagnostic procedures. Dilation causes sensitivity to light and a temporary inability to see well at close range. You should arrange to have someone drive you home.
  2. We evaluate your eyes’ characteristics from overall health to systemic health to the condition of the lens and retina. We check and verify your prescription, the shape and health of your corneas, evaluate the presence and extent of cataracts and determine precisely what vision solutions will be most suited to your eyes and your lifestyle.
  3. Finally, we will recommend the next course of action. If surgery is recommended, we will counsel you on which of the current artificial lens options will be best for meeting your vision expectations.

Cataract Tests

  • Visual acuity test to assess your distance and near vision
  • Refractive error measurement to determine your glasses prescription
  • Assessment of your lenses to determine the presence of any cataracts
  • Evaluation of your retinal health (back of the eye)
  • Eye pressure measurement to determine the presence of glaucoma
  • Review of your overall health 

Depending on the outcome of these initial tests, your cataract doctor may request other testing if other eye issues are suspected. 

The retinal examination requires that your eyes be dilated so it is easier for the doctor to see the back of your eye. Because of this fact, you may want to have someone drive you home after your Cataract Evaluation. 

Get Your Cataract Questions Answered

We view the Cataract Evaluation as a two-way communication street: we will ask you questions about how your vision is interfering with your daily activities and we encourage you to ask any question you have about your condition and your treatment options. At Great Plains Eye Specialistswe are committed to providing you with as much education as possible so you can make your own informed decision about how to care for your eye health. 

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