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No two eyes are the same. The thickness of your cornea, the health of your eyes, the amount of refractive error and the effects of aging all play a part in determining whether your eyes are well suited for LASIK or another procedure. The only way to know for sure if LASIK is right for your eyes is through a comprehensive Consultation. Great Plains Eye Specialists provides a free 2-hour Consultation that includes scans of your eye to map your exact vision characteristics.

We won’t perform vision correction on applicants who do not have the right vision characteristics to support a successful outcome.

The initial appointment includes:

  • A brief medical history of your eyes and eye health.
  • Corneal topography exam which maps the contour and shape of your cornea to determine your cornea’s condition.
  • Pupillometry exam to allow us to measure pupil size in dim and bright light. Accurate measurements of your pupil along with a custom surgery plan will significantly reduce the chance of halos and glare associated with night driving.
  • Wavefront diagnostics to create a detailed 3D diagram of your entire optical system.

During this initial screening you will also meet with one of our refractive counselors to learn more about vision correction options, financing options, the technology we use and to answer any questions you may have. Dr. Colin Brown will review the data collected to determine if you’re a good candidate for vision correction surgery in Rapid City. If he feels you have a good chance for improved vision, we will discuss next steps. It will be up to you to decide if you want to proceed with this amazing surgery.

Are you ready for clear vision? If so, contact us at (605) 519-5071 or click here to request a free Consultation online.

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