Save Your Vision Month

Posted by administration on March 27, 2014

March is Save Your Vision Month. Sponsored by the American Optometric Association, this observance is to remind Americans about the importance of having regular eye exams to help preserve and maintain their eye health. The following is a general eye exam schedule for people with normal eye health and good overall health:

  • Infants: Pediatrician screening at 6 months
  • Preschool children: Pediatrician screenings from age 3 to 6
  • School-age children: Regular vision screenings at school
  • Adults: Every 2 years
  • Adults over 60: Annually

If your child’s pediatrician or school suspects a vision problem, or if you have a history of eye disease or eye problems in your family, a full eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist will be recommended. Children and adults who wear glasses or contacts should have an eye exam every year.

Even if you’ve had LASIK vision correction in and no longer need glasses or contacts, it’s important to maintain contact with your eye doctor to preserve your eye health. You probably know that regular eye exams can identify common eye diseases, even those that have no outward symptoms, such as diabetic retinopathy. Even if you are not experiencing any vision changes, certain conditions like glaucoma or cataracts can be “silently” stealing your vision – even if you’ve had Rapid City LASIK. Early detection will help protect and preserve your vision.

Eye exams not only protect your eyes…they can also protect your overall health! By looking at the blood vessels in the eyes, your eye doctor can also identify chronic systemic diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

March is definitely the month to focus on your eye health; it’s also National Eye Donor Month (to promote cornea transplant awareness) and Workplace Eye Wellness Month (to promote reducing eye injuries while on the job).

Eye exams are typically quick and painless, so there’s no excuse to put this health maintenance appointment on the back-burner. Schedule your eye exam today! Call Dr. Wright at Great Plains Eye Specialiststo schedule an eye exam in Rapid City.

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