Afraid of Pain During LASIK? Don’t Be.

Posted by administration on June 10, 2015

Fear of LASIK If you’re afraid of pain during LASIK surgery, you’re not alone.  Here at Great Plains Eye Specialistsin Rapid City, South Dakota, many of our clients express this concern pre-surgery.  Patients often worry that since they are awake during the procedure, it will be uncomfortable. Even though you are conscious during LASIK, numbing drops are used on your eyes before the procedure is started.  Most clients say they feel some pressure, as if someone might be pushing on the eye, for several seconds.  Many people say they don’t even feel the pressure. An instrument holds your eyes open, but you won’t feel it because your eyes will be numb.  It usually takes only five minutes or less to perform surgery on each eye, so the procedure is both painless and quick.   Many patients say that it is easier than expected and the recovery is smooth. Contact Great Plains Eye Specialistsat 605-718-5123 to schedule your initial consultation to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK.   « Previous Up Next »


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