Artist Benefits from Color Advantage

Posted by administration on December 18, 2014

ArtistMost people have three types of photoreceptor cone cells in their eyes, allowing the average person to see approximately 1 million colors.

Very few people have one additional cone cell. These rare individuals are called tetrachromats, and they can reportedly see and process 100 million colors.

California impressionist artist Concetta Antico was recently genotyped as having tetrachromacy, and she uses this genetic trait to her advantage in the art she produces. University of California researchers are studying her rare condition and hope to learn more about the human ability to process and absorb the wavelengths of the fourth cone.

It is estimated that only 1% of people worldwide are tetrachromatic, although the exact count is unknown. This is not a visual trait that can be achieved through vision correction procedures such as LASIK in Rapid City. It is a genetic trait and the brain signals must be practiced to detect the small differences in color perception.

Chances are you are not tetrachromatic. But you may have certain eye conditions that are interfering with your visual processing…vision problems that can be corrected through procedures like LASIK in Rapid City. Schedule an eye exam at Great Plains Eye Specialiststoday to learn more about your own eye health. Interestingly, Antico’s daughter is color blind…a condition that may have been passed down due to Antico’s genetic mutation.

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