Cost of LASIK vs Cost of Contact Lenses

Cost and worth are subjective concepts. When it comes to medically related costs, many decisions are made in large part due to the role your finances play in achieving your objective. Insurance coverage, out of pocket costs, sliding scales, payment plans, just about any way to make sure you can financially get the medical services or interventions you need often end up being the biggest factor used in deciding which option you’ll choose.

Your everyday life is affected by the quality of your vision. For those with refractive errors that need a form of correction to have sharp, clear vision, the choice is usually between temporary, non-invasive options like prescription glasses or contact lenses or a more permanent, invasive surgery option like LASIK. Cost of LASIK versus cost of contact lenses over a lifetime likely evens out in the wash. Contact lenses have smaller upfront costs than LASIK surgery, but the ongoing costs add up. Faulty lenses that break easily along with recurring supply can mean steady financial deductions to keep up with the maintenance of contact lenses. LASIK, on the other hand, is a one time procedure, but significantly more costly. Average costs for contact lenses in a year range from $200-700 while LASIK surgery costs range from $1,000-4,000. Insurance typically covers the cost of contact lenses, yet LASIK is rarely covered by insurance. Comparing side by side costs showcases the equal advantages as well as disadvantages of each option. And of course, cost fluctuates based on your doctor or surgeon, types and frequency of lenses, lasers used in LASIK, and the list goes on and on.

As costs are relative, and with tax-advantaged accounts such as a health savings plan and various payment options, patients should instead focus on the physical benefits of contact lenses or LASIK rather than the financial costs, at least initially. Personal preference, severity of refractive correction, lifestyle and candidacy to wear contacts or be eligible for surgery should be considered before you dive into the financial cost. Talk with your eye doctor to determine how LASIK or contact lenses make the most sense for you.

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