Custom LASIK vs. Traditional LASIK

Posted by administration on November 10, 2015

Custom_and_Traditional_LASIK.jpgTraditional LASIK has been around since the 1990s and has been performed on thousands of people around the world.  It has produced excellent results for the majority of people who have utilized this life changing procedure.

Custom LASIK is a great improvement over traditional LASIK.  Custom LASIK uses a mapping system to diagnose the exact contours of each of your eyes.  This data then guides the laser in your treatment.  This technique is known as Wavefront-guided LASIK and it produces outstanding vision results for patients.  Wavefront technology is not used in traditional LASIK.

The Wavefront system gathers more detailed and precise information, so that your LASIK treatment is more precise.  Wavefront Custom LASIK can correct both lower and higher-order aberrations.  Traditional LASIK corrects only lower.

If you have any questions about traditional LASIK vs. custom LASIK, please contact the staff at Great Plains Eye Specialistsin Rapid City.


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