Does the Quality of LASIK Procedures Differ With Pricing?

Advertisements for LASIK and other corrective surgeries can be found just about anywhere. However, consumers are encouraged to exercise caution when LASIK procedures are offered at a significant discount especially on well-known price reduction sites such as Groupon. While not necessarily a red flag, because who doesn’t want the best price possible, your criteria for selecting a LASIK surgeon should rest on more than price alone. While selecting a surgeon who addresses both your optical and financial needs is important, your eyesight is a lifetime investment, and it matters who is entrusted with the quality and clarity of your vision. A board-certified ophthalmologist with years of successful patient history and procedures to account for is a great place to begin. 

Does the quality of LASIK procedures differ with pricing? Price points can vary by many factors, least of which equate to quality. Sometimes, hidden fees are the culprit. Sometimes it is simply a combination of reasons. For example, location, salaries of health providers and support staff at your surgeon’s office, skill level and ongoing education of the surgeon, years the surgeon has been in practice, facility or rental fees, technology and equipment used, insurance coverage and referrals, patient care, technique used by the surgeon, and the amount of refractive error that needs correction. As you assess the price you are quoted for a LASIK procedure, you may want to keep some of these points in consideration. 

Looking to save money is never a bad thing, however, cheaper costs on LASIK could run the risk of outdated technology, lack of personalized care, or even that due to details in the fine print, you do not qualify for the discounted offer. Often steep price cuts mean that those with astigmatism or a prescription outside of certain parameters will not meet the criteria for the advertised promotion. If cost is a top factor in booking a LASIK procedure, ask your surgeon’s office about finance options or consider using a health savings count or flexible savings account if offered by your employer. 

Pricing can affect the quality of your care and treatment. Remember, that after LASIK surgery you will be saving on annual costs of prescription glasses and contact lenses. Make sure you are evaluating the skill, expertise, and reputation of your surgeon in addition to the price. 

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