If an Enhancement is Required, will I be Charged for the Additional Procedure?

When selecting a LASIK surgeon, you will want to come prepared with questions for your consultation. Among the various “what ifs” you will want to ask about any anticipated costs now and in the future. It may seem odd to inquire about future costs since many patients view LASIK as a one and done procedure, but it is possible that a follow-up surgery may be required if you are unhappy with the initial LASIK results or if your vision changes over time. When reviewing your financial obligation for your LASIK surgery ask the following: “If an enhancement is required, will I be charged for an additional procedure?”

Most of the time LASIK yields successful results with minimal to no complications. Early in the recovery process, fluctuations in vision quality are normal; however, there are occasions where a LASIK enhancement is necessary if sharp, clear vision does not stabilize. The process is similar to the first LASIK procedure but only requires minimal corrections compared to the original treatment. As you recover, you will assess your visual satisfaction and several factors may affect how well you see after LASIK. These include the health and thickness of the corneas, the type of refractive error to be corrected, the severity of the refractive error and the strength of your current prescription, risk of dry eyes, age and realistic expectations set forth before surgery. Reasons why a LASIK enhancement may be needed include substantially blurred vision for more than 3 months post-surgery and inaccurate visual perception that includes difficulty driving at night. Sometimes the issues are related to the initial refractive error in that common vision problems after LASIK are under correction, overcorrection (that can cause eye strain) or residual or induced astigmatism. While the need for LASIK enhancement is uncommon, your surgeon will reevaluate your corneas to determine if an enhancement is the right solution for you.  

Although costs vary, most surgeons will perform a LASIK enhancement at no charge within 1 year of your first LASIK surgery. Some surgeons offer a lifetime plan so that any treatments needed to correct vision are covered. To be sure, include this possibility in your discussion with your surgeon so that you know what costs are included or may be out of pocket should the issue arise. 
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