LASIK for Athletes: A Game-Changer for Sports Enthusiasts

The sports world has been known to receive some negative attention for performance enhancing supplementation. But there is a virtually invisible, and legal, way to boost natural sports ability that most people don’t consider; and it is an advantage for athletes. LASIK for athletes is a game-changer for sports enthusiasts. It’s no wonder then that many of the world’s top athletes choose LASIK surgery for fast, safe and effective improvement to their vision. 

“Keep your eye on the ball.” How many times have kids and adults alike heard this phrase in many recreational and competitive sports? It’s a pretty hard thing to do if your visual acuity is lacking or you struggle to maintain focus. LASIK eye surgery helps to level the playing field. Literally. Sports and recreational activities are responsible for more than 40,000 eye injuries each year. LASIK eliminates the need for prescription glasses that can break and lead to serious facial injuries, or contact lenses that can be contaminated by dirt, sweat and environmental conditions. LASIK affords an athlete less vulnerability to eye related injuries as well as improved contrast with a better ability to see in both natural and artificial lighting. Not all sports are played on the field or track or even involve a ball. Swimmers, surfers and other water sports enthusiasts know firsthand that eyewear can be a hindrance to performance. LASIK provides an easier and safer experience by reducing the risk of infection because contact lenses are eliminated. Convenience, improved performance due to better vision and adaptability to extreme environments are the top benefits LASIK provides for athletes. 

Great Plains Eye Specialistshas an excellent record of successful LASIK procedures, satisfied patients and outstanding post-operative care. While athletes understand the significance of allowing the body to heal before getting back in the game, LASIK is unlike most surgeries where downtime is minimal and you can likely resume your normal sports activities within a matter of days. To take the first step toward permanent vision correction, call 605-718-5123. To learn more information about what to expect with LASIK, visit WEBSITE. It’s said that confidence wins that day and opting for LASIK gives athletes boosted assurance to see all aspects of the game.