Lasik Satisfaction

Considering LASIK surgery but wondering if you’ll be satisfied with the procedure and the results?  At the office of Great Plains Eye Specialists in Rapid City, our patients report high LASIK satisfaction levels.  With any surgical procedure there are risks.  Before choosing LASIK, you should be aware of some of them:

  • Overcorrection, under correction.  If the laser removes too much or too little tissue from your eye during the procedure, you may not get the vision you wanted.  An adjustment may be needed later, once vision stablizes.
  • Difficulty seeing at night.  You may experience problems seeing at night or notice glare or halos around bright lights.
  • Dry eyes. LASIK can cause a reduction in the production of tears, resulting in dry eyes.  This may resolve on its own in time as the eye heals.
  • Flap problems, vision loss, increased astigmatism and other side effects are possible from LASIK surgery.  Generally, the careful evaluation of your eyes pre-surgery and the skill level of your surgeon are factors in the level of outcome.  

Our highly skilled staff is available to discuss your LASIK options with you.  Please call our office for a consultation.