Life After LASIK

Posted by administration on October 29, 2013

Some people wonder what life might be like after they have LASIK. Of course, no two people’s eyes are exactly the same, so no two LASIK procedures will produce the exact same results. However, at their follow-up appointments, many patients express that they…

L – Love their new vision so much that they share their success with family members, friends and even strangers on social media and online review sites

A – Appreciate life without the aggravations and costs of broken glasses, lost contact lenses and expensive replacements and cleaning solutions

S – Show off their beautiful/handsome eyes

I – Impress their friends with their ability to see every menu, clock, street sign and more

K – Kayak, swim and play sports lens-free

No doctor can guarantee 20/20 vision after LASIK, but many patients do achieve this level of vision (or even better) after LASIK! Likewise, no doctor can guarantee that you’ll never have to wear glasses again. There are simply no “guarantees” in medicine. But Dr. Wright and Dr. Fromm at Great Plains Eye Specialistshave achieved some amazing results with LASIK procedures, and their patients are walking testimonials to their success.

If you’d like to find out what your life might be after LASIK, contact us today at or 605-718-5123 to schedule a free, no obligation LASIK Consultation. 


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