Questions To Ask Your LASIK Surgeon

Posted by administration on October 5, 2015

LASIK_Surgeon.jpgIf you’re considering corrective eye surgery in Rapid City but aren’t sure what questions you should ask during your initial consultation, here are some suggestions to consider.  LASIK surgeons come in all skill levels.  You want to find one that is experienced, trusted and has a good bedside manner.

How long have you been doing LASIK and how many procedures have you done?

Although LASIK has been around since the 1990’s, some surgeons are still new to the procedure.  Find out how many operations your surgeon has performed and continues to perform each week.  Ask about patient satisfaction and outcomes.  You want someone who is highly experienced and has performed thousands or tens of thousands of LASIK procedures.

Have you ever performed LASIK on a family member?

A bit of an unusual question but a good one.  If the doctor you are considering has performed LASIK on a close relative, then it’s more likely they have a solid skill level.  A surgeon new to the procedure or with inadequate experience wouldn’t take the risk with their own family.

What happens if I need an enhancement after my surgery?  What is your philosophy on enhancement?

Many LASIK centers offer free enhancements for a certain period of time after your surgery in order to make sure you get the highest/best outcome possible and to ensure patient satisfaction.  Enhancements are sometimes offered up to a year after surgery.  Find out if the LASIK center you’re considering offers this and take it into consideration when making your selection.  Also, you’ll want to find a surgeon who doesn’t have to provide enhancements too often because they get it right the first time, but who also doesn’t hesitate to perform an enhancement if it’s needed.

What percentage of your patients report unresolved complications six months after surgery?  In other words, how many are still having problems six months later?

The average is three percent, according to one quality assurance committee.  If your surgeon says “almost never,” you should keep looking.  No surgeon is perfect and there are always some patients that have complications.  There is no such thing as 100 percent perfect.

If you are considering LASIK in Rapid City, contact Great Plains Eye Specialistsat 605-718-5123 or to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery.  Dr. Wright will be happy to answer your questions that you may have.  


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