Vuity Eye Drops

Vuity™: Restore Reading Vision with Eye Drops

If you’re over age 40 and are frustrated with your up-close vision, you’re not alone. A condition called presbyopia happens to most people as they grow older. It is caused when the eye lenses lose flexibility, making it increasingly difficult for the eyes to focus on up-close tasks such as reading text messages, labels, books, etc. While reading glasses can help, many people don’t like the hassles and appearance of wearing readers. 

At Great Plains Eye Specialists, we now offer a new solution for age-related near vision loss: Vuity™ eye drops made by Allergan, Inc. This is the first and only FDA-approved, prescription eye drop designed to temporarily restore up-close vision. Effects can be experienced within 15 minutes and last up to 6 hours. 

How Vuity Works

Vuity eye drops work by reducing your pupil size. This allows your eyes to focus easier on small print or other details. The dosage is 1 drop of Vuity placed into each eye 1 time a day. Studies have shown that these drops may allow you to read 3 smaller lines on an eye chart than what you can normally read without glasses. Vuity does not compromise your distance vision.

Safety Information About Vuity

If you wear contact lenses, remove your lenses before applying Vuity drops and wait 10 minutes before reinserting your contacts. If you use other medicated eye drops, wait at least 5 minutes before or after you apply Vuity drops to administer your other drops. 

Please use Vuity eye drops with caution if you need to drive at night. A smaller pupil size reduces the amount of light entering your eyes, so night driving or other hazardous activities in dim lighting situations could be unsafe. 

Some patients may experience eye redness or a headache when using Vuity. Other side effects are possible. Those can be discussed with you during an eye exam. 

To learn more about Vuity in Rapid City and to find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment, contact us today to schedule an eye exam. Call (605) 519-5071 or click here.

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