What If I Sneeze During LASIK?

LASIK eye surgery is a quick and simple procedure that typically results in patients having 20/20 vision immediately following the surgery. For many patients, one of the most frequently asked questions is “what happens if I sneeze during LASIK?” as well as if vision results are affected in anyway by movement, blinking or sneezing during the procedure. 

Rest assured, thanks to the advancement in laser technologies and the skilled surgeons at Great Plains Eye Specialists, that while you will remain awake for the procedure, you will be provided with numbing eye drops as well as a sedative to help keep you calm and comfortable. Next, your surgeon will place a small instrument called a lid speculum gently over your eye to ensure it stays open while creating the cornea flap. Once the flap is created, you will be asked to keep focus on a blinking light while the laser sends pulses of light to the cornea. You may feel slight pressure as the cornea is being reshaped by the excimer laser. The entire procedure usually takes up to 15 minutes, with only about 60 seconds per eye, so the odds are low that you will experience a sneeze during LASIK. The actual time the laser is in contact with each eye is mere seconds. Finally, the corneal flap is lowered back into place so it can heal naturally with the achievement of clear vision. 

On the rare occasion that you may sneeze, the sophisticated design of the laser uses an advanced eye tracking device that constantly monitors and measures the position of the eye, compensating for any small eye movement. The laser will track your eye over one thousand times per second and adjust the laser accordingly. Should you sneeze during the procedure, the laser will simply shut off and readjust. Once you have settled back into a still position, the laser will resume, perfectly centered, to complete treatment. Sneezing, blinking, coughing or any other involuntary movement will not affect the outcome of the LASIK procedure. 

To learn more about the LASIK procedure, including other frequently asked questions, visit our website. Great Plains Eye Specialistsoffers consultations for those interested in the benefits of LASIK surgery. Now that you can put worry aside when it comes to a movement or sneeze during LASIK, contact 605-718-5123 to schedule an exam to discuss your vision correction needs and see if you are a candidate for LASIK today.